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Ethereal Guide can be purchased in a package for $4.99 USD Within the package you have additional speed ups and different resources. That can help you further progress in the game. Plus a Green box to share with the guild. Ethereal Guide Anaya Bonn, a doll-like lady with an anusually large scythe, is ranged-type Lords Mobile premium hero. She's useful for war and invading enemy Ethereal Guide Anaya Bonn, a doll-like lady with an anusually.

2016/06/05 · Follow my main channel here: /StridoxUMG Follow me on my journey by dropping a Like, Comment, and Subscribing Keep up with Stridox below. All information about the hero Ethereal Guide in Lords Mobile including troop type, attack value, skills and talents. All information about the hero Ethereal Guide in Lords Mobile including troop type, attack value, skills and talents. 2018/04/25 · There are many heroes in Lords Mobile and each one offers different abilities. It may be hard to choose among them and form the perfect team of heroes, especially for beginners. In this guide, we are going to explain hero. Ethereal Guide Anaya Bonn Anaya Bonn is ranged type and agility AGI hero. In Lords Mobile she called as Ethereal Guide, dressed in purple. After her ship sank, a hopeless sailor drifted at sea, waiting for death. Amid this turmoil.

Ethereal Guide!! Lords Mobile NEW HERO REVIEW!! Ethereal Guide!! September 30, 2019 gamer Updates Comments Off on Lords Mobile NEW HERO REVIEW!! Ethereal Guide!! Follow my main channel here. Welcome to Guide for Lords Mobile. Here you will find valuable tips and tricks for Lords Mobile. Lords Mobile's highly anticipated update, the Dragon Arena, will open its doors in December! Clash in a battle of strength and wits as. 2016/06/09 · [Media] LORDS MOBILE BEST HERO?? ETHEREAL GUIDE - VIDEO REVIEW 2/8301 ezeheals Member Posts:27 Send Message Follow 1 Posted on 2016-06-08 19:56:51 Video review of the new hero, Ethereal guide, best. This is going to be a guide to the P2W heroes. And which ones are worth Buying, and what levels to buy them too. This will be an update my previous guide as I’ve learned more in playing and theorycrafting with other people. Special.

The Ethereal Guide can only be found in the Dream World during the quest Lunar Diplomacy. The Ethereal Guide directs one of the tasks the player must complete in the dream section of the quest. He asks the player to do a task. Lords Mobile Hero Types There are a total of 20 heroes you can get through normal gameplay. Also, there are heroes you can get by means of special occasions and heroes you can just procure via buying the pack. This guide. Monster hunting is an exciting part of playing Lords Mobile. All you have to do is hit and kill the monsters that you can find near your turf castle and get great rewards. Monster Hunting Guide Table.

Monster Hunt Heroes Lineup Lords Mobile has its very unique environment, when you head out of your turf there is a whole map to explore. Exploring the map is quite interesting, you not only find other players castles but also. Ethereal Guide:: Lords Mobile:: Hero Review aka Anaya Bonn Check out more of our Playlist Video amazing ! Lords mobile attack guide: ree Gaming and Discount Gaming ProductsAttack. Ethereal Guide Trickster Black Crow Death Archer With these hero lineup i can give more then 28% damage with the first strike. Find our other Hero Lineups against the Monster in Lords Mobile. Tags: grim reaper magical monster. We will be working on a guide for bronze, silver, and gold challenges. We hope you enjoyed this guide for Lords Mobile, we wrote it, because we could not find anything on the challenge stages after Chapter 7 and were hoping to. An overview of all heroes available in the game Lords Mobile. Toggle navigationlords-mobile Guides Manufacturing Equipment Materials Best Research Equipment Player Level Up Guide Heroes Guide.

For a more comprehensive F2P guide, check out the lords mobile wiki. Below follows part of a post by user Hashimaru on the lords mobile forum. Counter tips These following tips are theoretical but it can help you to pick the.

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